Manners cost nothing, they say. Being respectful and kind can earn you praise and apparently also discounts.

A restaurant in Hyderabad named Dakshin 5, is offering ‘courtesy discounts’, to its customers for just being nice and respectful to the staff. If you use words like ‘thank you’, ‘please’, and ‘have a nice day’ while talking to the staff of restaurant, you can grab discounts up to ₹35.

While the discounts seem little, the purpose behind them is bigger. The owner of the restaurant launched these offers to encourage cordial communication between customers and staff. Talking to a newspaper, he said:

Common manners have become very unusual, and we are trying to bring back that culture in a very small way.

Another managing partner of the restaurant believes that this initiative will bring variety in the restaurant business, which is most of the times repetitive.

The restaurant business is routine and repetitive. The staff is busy, performing myriad tasks due to which sometimes they may not serve customers to their satisfaction. It may annoy guests. This is an initiative that I have seen in the west. It breaks unpleasantness and will help forge food relationships and cultivate a win-win culture.

The innovative idea is grabbing everyone’s attention on the Internet.

We hear a lot of stories of fights between customers and hotel staff because of inappropriate behaviour of customers. This is such a unique way of handling such situations while inculcating basic etiquettes and respect among people.