Dear Pineapple Pizza Haters,

Please don’t shame my taste buds for embracing the deliciousness of pineapple over a pizza , criticise yours for not acknowledging it.

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As the lovechild of Pineapple & Pizza turns 57 this year, I’d like to step out of the Hawaiian Pizza closet and confess my love for it on World Pineapple Day.

Here's why we all should simmer down our hatred towards it.

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The variety of elements on a Hawaian Pizza, almost makes me feel normal about my messy life.

Hawaiian Pizza challenges our taste buds to feel different flavors, all at once.

Tanginess of the marinara paired with the creaminess of mozzarella baked with the sizzling caramelised pineapple juices, oozing onto the acidity of tomatoes and breaking the monotonous savoury flavour, is like an avalanche of flavours.


Pineapple Pizza is literally goals, it strikes the perfect balance between saucy and sweet, it’s something we all wish to achieve.

Hawaiian pizza is probably the only healthy pizza/fruity snack, I'd grab without a guilt trip.

Nick Jonas is definately on our side.

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Leaders of the democratic world approve of it.

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When Joey-our favorite food critic talks about food, we don't question it.

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We live in a world where we like a hint of sweetness in our butter chicken and an element of fruity supersize in our banofee pies/ Berry Pulaos, it is only fair to give the lovechild of pineapple and pizza a chance to redeem it's balanced, comforting flavours.