I am a guy who generally goes out of his way to understand people well. I completely understand if you keep watching FRIENDS all the time and then tell the world how it’s the best show of all time. You’ve not watched other better shows and you’re being ignorant. But it’s fine. You have the full right to love what you want.

If you think that Leonardo DiCaprio is the greatest Hollywood actor of the current generation, it might be misinformed but it’s your opinion. I get it. And it’s cool.


But when you’re eating and you refuse to eat rice, I don’t get it. It makes no sense. Your choice to not eat rice, eats me up from the inside. Who the fuck says no to rice? HOW? WHY?

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 People look down upon rice because it has a lot of carbs. This research is proof that it’s sugar which is responsible for most of your health problems, not carbohydrates.

You’ve been living a lie, sheeple. Wake up and smell the rice.

Keep Calm-o-matic

There’s a famous dialogue in Apocalypse Now that is along the lines of “I like the smell of fresh cooked rice in the morning.” I might be paraphrasing here, but that’s pretty much the gist of it.


Rice is the best food ever. It’s delicious in any food, rich in nutrients, cheap, and can be grown and cultivated by a 6-year-old (but please don’t try the last bit. It’s a criminal offense according to the Indian Penal Code).

There are many different kinds of rice, including bastard imitation species and genetically spliced super-rice. We owe part of the world’s history to rice. It’s a staple in Asia, and growing in popularity elsewhere.

Rice is the saviour of our generation. When you come back from work and you have no energy to cook, you cook rice. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And above all, it’s the best food to eat.

No matter what you’re told, rice guys always finish first. Not in a sexual way, but I hope you understand the feeling.

Featured Image: JustOneCookBook