You know how there are some classic snacks that just give you a hug of comfort when nothing feels right and everything's a mess?  

If you're a millennial you'd know that Nutella is the magic potion that has the ability to fix even the worst of your moods. 

Source: Pinterest

Well, if you're a true blue Nutella lover, who lives for the dense nutty-chocolate flavor of the spread, the news of someone inventing a milk "chocolate" Nutella is going to break your heart. 

Yup, you heard that right folks, someone with a horribly distorted taste pallet invested time in this experiment.  

Now don't get me wrong but I think by now we have clearly established that white chocolate is scientifically not considered as chocolate, so why is it trying so hard? 

I mean look at this picture carefully and tell me that it doesn't look like a jar of mayonnaise.

 It looks like someone bleached the divine lusciousness of Nutella and left us with a jar of spreadable milk. 

I don't mean to disrespect food but it practically looks like someone forgot to put chai patti in your chai and now you're just left with sweetened milk. 

Source: Twitter

I'm not the only one who is disheartened by this "unicorn potion". Netzines are not pleased at all with this Nutella that look like mayonnaise: 

2020 when can we say goodbye to you?  I have officially seen everything.