Call it shiddat wala pyar! That’s how I would describe our love for momos. Every person on this planet loves momos, and, no, I am not exaggerating.

Like 2020, this year too experienced a nationwide lockdown in the first half of the year. But taking into consideration our love for momos, we were allowed to order food online.

Yass! all those cravings from 2020 and we ordered over 1 Crore Momos in 2021. According to a Zomato report, one of the most-ordered foods was momo. Zomato states that over one crore momos were ordered through their app in 2021.

Zomato shared the report on their Instagram handle that read, “Presenting the 2021 meme rewind and a little bit about how India ordered”.

They captioned it saying, Let’s skip to the food part and we cannot deny it. 

You know, what’s hotter than my crush? Momos chutney. See, that’s how much I love momos. Safe to say, I even enjoy eating veg momos ( that’s because I am a vegetarian).

The report also stated that Mumbai’s famous vada pav was ordered by almost 32 lakh people, while samosas received almost 73 lakh orders. 

A Delhi based customer named Tushar had a pizza filled 2021, as he ordered 389 pizzas during the year.

Not to mention, just like last year, Biryani topped the list as “India’s top dish in 2021”. But who cares? We ordered over 1 Crore Momos and that’s all that matters. 

See ya, I have to order momos now!