Many people disregard beer as lacking any constitution, any spine. But alcohol is alcohol, and drinking a large number of even the lightest lager can send you to hangover jail. Some Indian beers in particular are notorious for the havoc they cause the next day, so here's a ranking in case you're new to the game (or just need to be reminded to put down that 9th brew).

#10 Bira 91 Light

Not only is this beer just 90 calories, it's also pretty low on the alcohol content - perfect for a brunch where things shouldn't get too messy.

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#9 Kingfisher Premium

This ubiquitous beverage has an alcohol percentage of 4.8%, which means it's pretty easy on the system. There's a lot of other options in the market nowadays though, so maybe give those a shot.

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#8 Kati Patang

Their Zesty Amber comes in at a breezy 4.8% ABV, which means you can enjoy their unique flavours without fearing for the next morning.

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#7 King's

The quintessential Goan beer has an ABV of 4.85% - slightly higher than the ones above but nothing that'll do too much damage. 

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#6 White Owl 

White Owl Brewery's eponymous brew has an ABV of 5%, and their Spark Belgian wit has notes of orange and citrus. It's one of the better beers on the market, and won't really mess you up.

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#5 London Pilsner

Don't be fooled by the name, this beer is available at the shadiest dives in Mumbai and Pune. It's got a 5% alcohol content, and is kind of hard to predict in terms of how bad you'll feel the next day.

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#4 Kalyani Black Label

This legendary brew promises a smooth finish accompanied by a hefty buzz. While it carries a heavy 8% ABV, you'll feel surprisingly sprightly the next day.

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#3 Haywards 10000

Only drink this with your closest friends, because it's going to get you hammered. Haywards is notorious for the horror stories associated with it, so please go easy.

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#2 Godfather

People claim to have had fun while drinking this beer. The only trouble is, they can't remember a thing. With a high alcohol content and probably some kind of secret juju sprinkled in, this one can cause some problems in the morning.

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#1 Bro Code

With an ABV of 15%, this drink is a straight jack-hammer to the neurons. Drink more than 2 of these in an hour and you'll wake up the next day in a pile of someone else's vomit mixed with your piss.

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