Food is art. We know that, don’t we? Think about it, all these ingredients coming together in their raw form and becoming something so delicious! And there are so many things that can be done with a number of ingredients. 

In India, there is SO much food around, so much so that if we decide to try something new each day, we will be sorted for a couple of months for sure. But till the time we can get our hands on all the yum-yums, how about we feast our eyes to some amazing food pictures and indulge in some #foodporn on Instragram? Art meets art, eh?

Here are some Indian food bloggers who will make you drool.

1. Asha Shiv, @foodfashionparty

From popsicles to pastas, she cooks them all and how. Oh, and her cookbook is out soon!

See what is cooking here.

2. Himanshu Taneja, @thewhiteramekins

Peri peri roasted chicken, anyone? Pretty flavor packed by the looks of it!

You can follow him here

3. Uma Raghuraman, @masterchefmom

Pictures of amazingly set thalis with delectable food from all over await you. We are sort of jealous of the kids of this mom!

Here is where you can see what she is up to. 

4. Shweta Arora, @shwetainthekitchen

This tempting Paneer Jalfrezi is making me hungry all over again!

For delish food pictures, follow her here.

5.  Nikita, @iamdatingfood

Sweet tooth goals right here in this picture! You sure would love this right now, won’t you?

Find out all the amzing places to eat at here

6. Natasha Diddee, @thegutlessfoodie

Turns out taking pretty pictures and yummy food lovin’ aren’t the only thing she aces, she’s got a sense of humor too! 

To know what the gutless girl is cooking, follow her here

7. Hina Bisht, @funfoodandfrolic

Have you ever seen a more beautiful picture of Paneer Gulab Jamuns? Yeah, neither have we.

For more delectable pictures, follow her here.

8. Tasneem Rajkotwala, @thoughtsoverchai

Bohra cuisine, chai, and food that will make you want to stay in and cook all Sundays. 

Follow her food trails here.

9. Aman Singhal, @dilli_ke_pakwan

For everything dilli ka khaana, treat yourself to pictures of some amazing food that the city boasts of on Aman’s Instagram.

Walk his foodwalk here

10. Mizan Siddiqui, @dillikabhukkad

A love affair with food and eating, and he’s not one to shy away from making it public.

Eat like a bhukkad, with your eyes here

11. Shivesh, @shivesh17

Your sweet tooth will start aching for some of these and won’t stop till it gets what it wants. Sweet jesus, just look at that. 

See Sivesh’s bake stories here

12. Kankana Saxena, @playfulcooking

Some playful cooking, interesting dishes, and fantastic photography at work here. 

Take a look at her food journey here

13. Neha Mathur, @whiskaffair

Neha is known for some really innovative dishes, and of course, the quintessential Indian food. 

Follow her food adventures here

14. Madhuri Aggarwal, @msaggarwal

Classy pictures that make you want to become a connoisseur as much as they make you want to eat. Some serious food meeting art happening here.

Check out her mouthwatering pictures here

15. Adarsh Munjal, @thebigbhookad

This guy shot a video of him singing a love song for bacon. Seriously. Follow him already.

Check out what he hogs at here.

And if we have tantalised you enough, how about start your own food diaries eh? A happy stomach can make for a very happy you.