When it comes to the Japanese, they are the real experts of cute. Not only have they floored us with desserts that are so adorable and cutesy that it can break your heart to eat it, they have also managed to make a gorgeous and unreal cake made from mineral water and agar (a vegan alternative to gelatin). Not kidding.

Whenever it comes to cakes, it is sugar, flour, egg and butter to the face. But this Japanese Raindrop Cake is basically solidified water that instantly melts in your mouth. *Cannot stomach it*

The dessert, known as Mizu Shingen Mochi in Japan, is made after heating a mixture of mineral water and agar. 

After heating, the mixture is set in molds under refrigeration and is given no flavoring until molasses-like sugar and kinako (roasted soybean flour) are poured on top just before serving. 

Source: HuffPost

While it looks like it could easily pop, “raindrop cakes” can actually be sliced up like Jell-O. It’s no nuclear science that anything without a lot of air stuffed in it, wouldn’t pop *extra knowledge alert* 

But you need to eat that bubble of a cake real fast, else it will melt within half an hour. 

And, as difficult as it must be to break into its perfect form, there has to be something oddly satisfying about spooning into it because we HAVE to find out the most IMPORTANT question of all – HOW DOES IT TASTE?

The cake tastes “mildly like water but can be topped with roasted soybean flour and brown sugar syrup for flavor. It is vegan and contains zero calories.”

Well, it’s 2016, and the world is obsessing over a cake that looks like 1. A bubble wrap. 2. A dew drop or a globule. 3. A silicon breast implant or a silicon bra. 4. All of the above. It HAS ZERO CALORIES, looks like water, tastes like water, is water. Just crazy things.