For generations, parents have been trying to pull every trick on us and fool us into eating more and more veggies. Japanese food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu had a stroke of genius and took the game to a whole new level –  he came up with cakes that use whole vegetables to make eating “hip and healthy.” *trust issue alert*

Do NOT let the pretty flowery frosting fool you at all – the moment you dig your spoon into it, all you might find is a crazy mix of zucchini and lettuce. 

*That awkward moment when your cake turns into a salad*

With a mission to make vegetables more appealing, Mitsuki started a (pretty unwanted) revolution! Let us take you through the whole process of baking this trust-breaker of a cake. 

The sponge part of the cake is made from soybean flour. WHATEVER  HAPPENED TO ALL PURPOSE FLOUR!

The icing is made of cream cheese and tofu. *can’t believe this is a real thing*

The rest of the cake is made using whole vegetables, including the root and the peel.

In layman’s terms, there is NOTHING cake-y about this cake. In fact, IMHO, it’s not a cake at all.

I mean, make your mind up about it already. Salads are SALADS and cakes are CAKES and there’s nothing that can possibly unite the two, except for a full course meal.

Why will people eat it? Who will even buy it?! Well, if you hate someone and want them to know your friendship is over, you know.

What is cake without butter, sugar, flour, eggs, milk, rich buttery and chocolate frosting, and of course, (rainbow) sprinkles!