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It’s that time of the year again. The Pandora box for endless possibilities has opened! The excitement, the thrill, and the urge to re-invent yourself are here. This is right about the time to pick up new things and make resolutions. After all, sometimes we just need a breath of fresh air to re-energize and get in the right spirits. So here’s a reminder for you to have a forward-looking and progressive vision for 2022. 

Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer made sure we walked into a new beginning with style. The brand charmed us with a dazzling drone show on New Year’s eve in Morjim beach, Goa. And we can’t stop drooling!

The event began with a countdown, followed by brilliant formations in the air. From the striding man to their ‘Keep Walking’ phrase — we saw it all! The show was a part of their global ‘Keep Walking’ campaign. They came up with an energetic, infectious,  and punchy song that brought out the spirits of the campaign. The Anthem is an interesting medley of famous songs all about walking that has been created to put a spring in people’s step as they head back into the world once again. The medley includes samples of Run DMC and Aerosmith’s Walk this Way, Loretta Lynn’s version of the iconic These Boots Are Made for Walking and Lou Reed’s 1970s’ classic Walk on the Wild Side. You can check out the film here.

With a new beginning at our hands, the brand wanted to inspire people to walk into 2022 with a forward-looking attitude as they aim for positive progress and harmony with the larger communities. They want us to take our own next step by reflecting the energy, words, and thoughts. And the illuminating show was emblematic of it!

If you missed the show in Goa, go check it out here!

Hope you have a very prosperous New Year!