If there is one thing we know it’s thathere’s no better way to know about a country’s cuisine than digging into its street style meals. The kitchens of the streets offer some of the best, authentic local dishes and it is certainly an integral part while you’re travelling to new places. Here are some of the most loved street food items from all around the world and believe us, they are all worth a taste.

b’Fried white fish served with crispy chips’
b’Fried pork sausage in a ketchup and curry powder mixture served with either bread or french fries’
b’Noodle soup containing either beef or chicken, broth and a few herbs’
b’Fried patty made from either ground chickpeas or fava beans wrapped in pita bread’
b’Ordinary Mars bar fried in batter’
b’Grilled pork marinated in coconut milk and turmeric served with pickled salads and peanut sauce’
b’Grilled bite-sized balls of mined octopus, green onion, and pickled ginger inside, topped with flavourful sauces and a coating of seaweed’
b’Fried or baked dish with a savoury filling ofxc2xa0spiced potatoes’
b’Corn or wheat tortilla rolled around a variety of fillings a=such as beef, pork, chicken or seafood’
b’Soft rice balls filled with sweet or salty ingredients like strawberry jam, green tea jam and peanut paste’
b’Bakedxc2xa0or fried bread stuffed with meat, cheese, huitlacoche, or other ingredients ‘
b’Thinxc2xa0pancake served with a variety of fillings ‘
b’Crustedxc2xa0bread loaded with grilled chorizo sausage, and chimichurri sauces ‘
b’Sweetxc2xa0fried pastry stick served with hot chocolate’
b’Hollowxc2xa0piece of bread filled with curry or masala’
b’Deepxc2xa0fried cheese served in a hamburger bun’
b’Italian-style pulled pork sandwich with spinach and cheese’
b’French fries served in a salty brown gravy and fresh cheese curd’
b’Friedxc2xa0balls dipped in egg and bread crumbs with a mixture of rice and cheese inside’
b’Bubblexc2xa0waffles served with fruit, ice cream and other flavours.’


Design credit: Lakshya Vij