For any gluttony who loves and worships food, Vada Pav is literally their spirituality on the go. 

There is something so comforting about biting into buttered pav and getting the hint of a crispy, spiced aloo-bonda, covered in the flavourful, dry red chutney with a side of a salted deep-fried green chili.

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Here are a few irresistible pictures of Vada Pav that will instantly give you a foodgasm: 

The only thing that can beat the chai-sutta combo is a serving of piping hot vada-pav with chai.  


I can literally taste the spiciness of the green chutney, oozing out of the vada pav.


Cherishing a bowl of Maggi on a rainy day is fine. But have you ever devoured a vada pav while it’s pouring? 


People will never admit but the annoying intrusion of curry leaves as you bite into vada pav is what brings out the divinity of the flavours. 

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Oh! the smell of heavily buttered pavs are enough to make a true Mumbaikar salivate. 

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Discovering extra fries hiding in the brown take out bag is great but remember that feeling you have when you find a couple of extra crunchy kurkures inside your vada pav


Sunset by the beach with a serving of your vada pav, give me a better date, I’ll wait. 


Can we please just emphasize on the ease of eating a vada pav? Like there are times when the layers of a burger horribly dismantle and get messy but a vada pav is pure perfection, it never ever disintegrates. 


The joy of opening a Vada Pav wrapped in newspapers is a different adrenaline rush altogether!

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The Vada Pav bhaiya giving you your order in less than 2 minutes is a whole different emotion. 


Nothing much just a bunch of crunchy gorgeous looking snacs getting ready to be your ultimate comfort snack!

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I can taste the dry red cocout-peanut-garlic chutney in this picture. 

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It is literally a gluttony’s drug. A true foodie can snort the dry red powdered chutney. 


A special mention to the fried and salted green chilies that can literally make you cry. ( happy tears obviously) 


I’m not a Mumbaikar but I still believe that Vada Pav feeds your soul.