It seems that there’s a new diet coming up every few days. Don’t these new diets annoy the shit out of you? Do you feel that you can’t enjoy that cake slice because of all the associated guilt? Have you ever regretted not adding that extra slice of cheese in your burger? If yes, then fear not. Starting today, we’re waging a war to take back our rights to eat as much as we want, because as Bon Jovi said -“It’s my life”.

Here are 35 witty quotes you can use the next time someone looks at your food and goes “you sure you want to eat that?”. Trust me, it’ll be much easier than throwing your drink at their face.

To those who are shaking their heads at the unhealthiness of it all, the only we have to say is kthnxbai.

Happy Munching!

Scrumptious designs by Aakansha Pushp.