Jab tak rahega samose me aaloo, tera rahunga oh meri Shaalu.

Aaloo is perhaps the only vegetable that’s so popular in India that it got its own mention in a Bollywood song!

Well, modern-day Peru is that sacred land that introduced the world to the wonderful vegetable we Indians call aaloo. However, we need to thank the Europeans for introducing potato to the whole world. I mean without the potato, how would we even have survived?

One look at the potato and you would probably never take a look at it again. The bumpy brown exterior does make it hard for a foodie to believe in the concept of love at first sight. However, once you actually learn to cook the vegetable, you’ll discover how versatile it is and how tasty it is in all shapes and forms.

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Boiled, fried or mashed, the potato doesn’t let you down ever. 

The great part about aaloo is that it never gets old. It miraculously adapts to all the spices and aroma you want to induce. This means that aaloo is something you can have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks!

You can’t imagine your breakfast menu being complete without aaloo ka parantha now, can you?


Or the zingy jeera aaloo with some aamchoor sprinkled over it for lunch at office?

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And is there anything better than french fries when you’re looking for some snacks?

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Oh, by the way, you can’t even imagine our very own samosa without the aaloo.

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So, you can run, you can hide but you cannot escape the love that aaloo has to offer. 

You see, it may not look the part but aaloo is the thing that proves you should not judge a vegetable by its cover. It may look ugly and bumpy but on the inside, it is the most delightful vegetable that God blessed humans with.


It may not look the part but aaloo is truly the king of all vegetables, tasting wonderful in all shapes and sizes. Be it baby potato roast or the creamy mashed potatoes, the vegetable is worth eating in all its flavours and forms. 

How it manages to taste so good in both tongue-twisting spicy and soothing creamy forms goes beyond the understanding of us common folk. We can only sit back and enjoy the magical vegetable with each bite.

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And when we say that aaloo is a saviour in all situations, we really mean it. A research done by NASA and China seems to prove that you can actually grow potatoes even in space!

A Chinese technique to grow potatoes in a controlled environment was used and guess what? It actually worked. Aaloo is actually the vegetable of the future! In case we shift to another planet, we’ll at least have aaloo for our hunger.

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For all those who still do not believe in the magic that aaloo is, we have just one word: vodka.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, potato can be used to make one of the most loved drinks of our times. The next time you’re having vodka, you need to be more thankful for potatoes in your life.

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Aaloo is the king of all vegetable and rightly so!