If you live alone, or have ever lived alone, you know it’s not easy. One of the things that makes it so difficult is having food to eat. Cooking is not easy. And after a long day at work, no one really has the time and energy to cook anyway. However, there are a lot of things that can make life a little less terrible. Here, we show you some tips and tricks that’ll make your time in the kitchen a whole lot easier.

Use these hacks to save you that trouble.

1. Whenever you order some food, most of it comes in boxes that can be opened up.  


2. Pizza generally comes in boxes that have perforated lines to tear along. Use them, instead of using plates.


3. If you also have a habit of storing bananas for a long time, wrap their stems in a plastic sheet. Keeps them fresh for a long time.  


4. If you decided to have a big cake all by yourself, and if for some reason, gave up the idea midway, use some pieces of bread and toothpicks to prevent it from getting soggy.


5. Good news: you ordered a large pizza. Bad news: you can’t finish it. Good news: you can have it the next day and it’ll be just as good.


6. Whenever you get corn to eat, here’s how you can eat it easily without making a mess. 


7. Everyone loves some grilled cheese. The simple but mouth-watering combination of bread and cheese is one of the best things ever made. Here are two super easy and convenient methods of quickly satiating yourself.


8. This is pure genius.


9. And if you have a big loaf of bread, it is surprisingly easy to make a cheesy snack with it. It is brilliant for when you have a friend visiting and don’t have much time or don’t want to put in a lot of effort.

10. How many times have you wanted to cook but given up because slicing onions makes you cry? If you soak your onions in cold water for 30 seconds, it’ll be done without tears. 


11. Slicing things like grapes, cherries and strawberries is also a nightmare. They don’t make you cry but just because they are very small, chopping them is pretyy tough. An easier way to do that is to trap them between two plates and just run a knife through them.


12. Oreos are heavenly in any form. Although they are pretty great just the way they are, but here are some ways you could make Oreos much more amazing. Like Oreo ice cubes. 


13. Do you have problems storing beer bottles in your fridge? Just using a paper clip will solve this problem. A beer bottle pyramid looks great too. 


14. And if you need your bottles cooled quickly, just wrap them a wet paper towel and put in the freezer. Chilled in 15 minutes. 


15. You know what else wet paper towels can do? Bring back stale bread back to life. If you have some loaves of bread a few days old and are thinking of throwing them away, don’t. Just wrap them in a wet paper towel and heat them in the microwave for about 5 minutes. It’ll be fresh and crunchy like you just baked it.


16. There are a few things better than mangoes. But there are a few things tougher that peeling them. And it creates a whole lot of mess too. Turns out, there’s a much simpler way to do so. 


17. The watched pot never boils. But the unwatched pot always boils at the worst possible moment. If you are boiling water, placing a wooden spoon over the pan will ensure water will never spill over.


18. If you want an egg perfectly boiled. just punch a hole at its base using a pin. It will also become way easier to peel off the eggshell. 


19. And here’s another easy way to peel boiled eggs. Just add 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda to the water before you boil them. 


20. If you have a lot of empty Tic-Tac containers at your house, don’t throw them away. They can be used as containers for spices.


Amazing, right? Just a little practice with these tricks and soon you’ll be master of your kitchen. Okay, not exactly a master, but you’ll be able to help yourself survive.