In the lockdown, everyone is sitting at home and doing what they love. Celebs on social media are talking about mental health, singing songs, sharing stories, learning and teaching how to cook, sharing fitness tips and diet plans.

Recently Neena Gupta shared a video teaching everyone how to make a desi pizza.

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Desi pizza. Put a little butter on top also

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Here’s how to do it, Neena Gupta style:

Neena used ‘Roti’ as a pizza base. After making roti spread butter and sauce on it. Now add boiled potatoes and garnish it with chopped onions, capsicums, olives and grated paneer. If you are craving a non-veg pizza, add sausages. Now sprinkle salt, red chilli and pepper swaad anusaar.

Put this is the oven. And voila!


Your healthy desi pizza is ready. That’s how you can get rid of food cravings in no time.


And she just taught us how to desify our favourite comfort food. Is there anything Neena Gupta can’t do?