While doing my daily ‘thumb exercise’ of scrolling 1100 km through Instagram, I found Deeba Rajpal, a food blogger who’s quite ‘Passionate About Baking’. Look at her dishes and you’ll know what I’m talking about… 

Disclaimer: You will feel extremely hungry by the end of this article

1. Coffee frosting on a cheesecake, anyone? 

2. I think I’m falling in love.

3. You just CAN’T go wrong with chocolate! 

4. A fitting tribute to #pinktober

5. I’m not drooling, you are! 

6. Can we go back to mango season, pleasseeeee? 

7. Banana caramel dessert. This is how you get me to eat fruits.

8. Hello Halloween! 

9. Thank you lord for this bread.

10. These are buckwheat brownies guysssss! 

11. Time to devour this! 

12. The only thing better than chai in this cutting chai ka glass. 

13. Want some? 

14. Treat your sweet tooth! 

15. A ‘circle’ of joy. 

16. Another one! 

17. God! I gotta learn how to bake this beauty. 

18. A handful of choco chips is enough to make anything better! 

19. This cake is as colourful as my soul… 

20. Lastly… doughnuts coz they’re the best! 

If this list doesn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what will!