From the delicious smell that makes our stomach rumble to all the munchies that it satisfied, there’s no doubt that Maggi holds a special place in all of our cyber-tuned, millennial hearts. So, when we heard that Maggi had released some spicy new flavours, we obviously couldn’t wait to get our hands on them, just like the personalities in this video. Little did they know, though, that they were in for a spicy treat. 

In classic quirky fashion, the unboxing of the flavours came with a question: Could these people – 5 comedians and a beloved VJ to be precise – brave the spice bombs? As the taste test for the new Maggi HOTHEADS started, they seemed pretty sure of themselves. Flash forward by two bowls, and they realized that these new flavours really earn their names. Watch the hilarity that ensues, and try not to reach for a glass of water.