When it’s time for the first meal of the day, we want our comfort food. Food that not only fills our tummies, but also satisfies our hearts.

And for most of us there’s just one dish that fulfills this criteria – aloo puri.


No other breakfast can come even close to this.

Like, think of the times when your mom prepares aloo puri. The smell of it being prepared is enough for you to get going.

Did you ever feel the same way for sandwiches or omelette?

No matter how fancy modern breakfast dishes may get, our desi hearts will always choose aloo puri over everything else.

My love for aloo puri started when I was in hostel. Every Sunday morning, we would run to the mess because Sunday breakfast meant aloo puri and no one would dare missing it.

This combo is to die for. It’s like a complete meal in itself.

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Isn’t aloo puri the most simple and hassle-free food you’ve ever seen? Isn’t it the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a fulfiling breakfast.

And no matter how much you’ve eaten, you end up getting it packed for later. Moreover, it is easy to pack aloo puri and carry it on your train journeys. The beauty of this dish is that you can have it even hours after it’s prepared.

Jhanjhat hi nahin hai – thanda ya garam ka. Bas mil jaaye aloo puri kaise bhi.

No matter which part of the country you may be in, you will always find a version of this dish. The best part about aloo puri is that you don’t have to enjoy it only for breakfast, you can savour it for any meal of the day.

I agree when people say that it is not the most nutritional way to start your day. But isn’t this is how you want to start your day?

Fight me on this and I will tell you why it deserves to be the best breakfast ever.

Those crisp puris melt in our mouths within no time. That aloo sabzi with all the spices in it awakens all your taste buds. And finally the craving that it fulfills is beyond comprehension.

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Ok, bye. I can’t wait more to feast on aloo puri.

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