In life, every person has different priorities. Some have relationships, some have career and some have their evening snack.

mathri on a plate
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Us desi people follow the evening chai routine quite religiously. While some drink it solo, others really need that perfect snack that hits those taste buds just right.

But if you, like any average Indian enjoys a snack with your chai, chances are you would've enjoyed it with a salted mathri at least once in your life.    

Muh mein paani aya? 

Mathri in a plate
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Mujhe bhi. Mathri is that perfect crispy-from-the-outside and soft-from-the-inside, salted namkeen that literally makes that shaam ki chai a thousand times more desirable. 

The sweetness of chai and saltiness of mathri literally makes the perfect combination even for people who are not paticularly that fond of chai. (bBut seriously, who isn't?)

mathri in a katori
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But you know when that already perfect combination reaches beyond perfection? When this deep-fried snack is eaten with a dollop of dhaniya ki chutney or achaar. 

And when either of these comes into the mix then no other fancy food can even come close to the awesomeness of this cheat meal.  

mathri and chai
Source: Flavors Of Kitchen

But in addition to the amazing taste and the mouth-watering flavour, these desi salted crackers bring back a part of our summer vacations when our dadis and nanis used to freshly fry it for us.

(And stuff us up with it until our our tummies would explode)

mathri and chai
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So, no matter what sort of a diet you're on, once a mathri comes into the picture, there's no holding back. I can bet on it.