Navratri is upon us. For most of us who do not belong to the Northen part of the country, this can be a bad week. Mostly because of the lack of non-vegetarian food in the market. But hold on, it’s not like there aren’t other options available.

Because Navratri also means an abundance of vegetarian delicacies and trust me, once you try them, you won’t mind missing non-veg for a few days.

1. Chawal ka Dhokla

If you are already bored of fried pakodas, this is your go-to food. These steamed dhoklas made up of samwat ke chawal are an ideal way of continuing your fast.

Ruchi’s Kitchen

2. Kebab-e-Kela

These spicy fried banana kebabs are known to completely melt in your mouth giving you a distinct taste of banana and other herbs added to it. 


3. Arbi Kofta

Well, while it is not easy to cook, it tastes a hell lot better than eating everything made up of potatoes during the fast.


4. Banana Walnut Lassi

Is there anything better than Lassi on a hot summer day?

California Walnuts

5. Sabudana Thalipeeth

Thes soft and crispy pancakes are made up of tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes, peanuts and other spices. It’s unique, it’s easy and it’s awesome. 

Veg Recipes of India

6. Kuttu ki puri

These puris are made from buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta). And it’s better than your damn everyday puris.


7. Paneer Kofta

One of the most easily available dishes on the market, paneer kofta is simply delicious.

Sify Bawarchi

8. Dahi Aaloo

Dahi aaloo is a curry made with dahi and aloo. Duh! But here’s the thing. It’s damn easy to cook, even for a noob and it’s pretty damn delicious.

Swati’s Kitchen

9. Khatta Mitha Kaddu

This a mildly spicy, sweet and sour dry pumpkin curry. It’s easy to cook and one of the tastiest pumpkin dishes.


10. Sabudana Pakoda

These crispy pakodas are made from tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes and roasted peanuts. It makes for an awesome evening snack.


11. Roasted Makhana

Just well-roasted foxnuts. So, if you feel like having a drink in the middle of all this, this is your ideal chakna.

Archana’s Kitchen

12. Banana Kofta

Prepared with raw bananas, these koftas can work both as a meal or snacks. Very little spices are used in the making of these so as to taste the unique flavour of raw bananas.

Archana’s Kitchen

13. Farali Pattice

This is a very popular Gujarati snack which is very similar to aloo tikki. But while the aloo tikki is spicy, Farali Pattice is sweet and mild with a similar centre filling.

Hungry Forever

14. Palak Pakodas

You might have hated palak as a kid, but trust me, those damn pakodas are way too delicious to say no to. 


15. Kuttu Ka Dosa

This crispy dosa is made with buckwheat flour and is filled with spicy mashed potatoes. 

Boldsky Hindi

See, it’s pretty damn impressive, isn’t it?