There’s no doubt about the fact that casteism is a system that continues to practise in several parts of the country. Even though our country is a melting pot of different communities and religions, a section of our society face unfairness every single day. And, unfortunately, there’s nothing new about that.


A social media user, who goes by the username @peeleraja, shared a couple of screenshots of different cafes and restaurants that use the prefix ‘Brahmin‘ in their names in Bengaluru.

The user who shared the screenshots of the eateries, available on different food delivery platforms, also shared their personal experience of casteism they faced as a child in school. 

They mentioned an incident from their school days when a guy brought a big box of homemade puliogare, a popular dish in the region. When a teacher saw this, he/she automatically assumed that the kid was an Iyengar as according to them, only Iyengars are allowed to make that dish. In the end, his box was served last at their farewell and almost nobody ate it.

He mentioned that there’s no one specific Brahmin cuisine and when an eatery is called Brahmin, it is a plain and simple caste signal and nothing else.

While several netizens disagreed with him, others shared screenshots of their own search on the food delivery applications. Here’s what netizens think:

Well, casteism is one of the biggest issues that we never talk about.