The magnanimity with which global warming is extending its tentacles to envelope the planet is alarming! The tumult can be seen in the form of natural disasters like wildfires, droughts and floods. 

Not that you would care the least bit!


But what if I told you that you won’t get to enjoy beer or chocolate in the coming years! 

Yes, it is true. Items like beer, coffee and even…. (gulp) chocolate may be removed from the face of this earth forever!

JJ Taylor

Causes? Well… due to shortage of water, brewers are finding it extremely tough to source stable supplies of water. This means no more beer pong or late night cussing after football games! (Sob sob)


A rise in temperature would also affect cocoa produce, especially in Ghana; which is hailed as the world’s treasure trove of chocolates. There goes my childhood!

Tabitha Edith

Coffee production on the other hand would be marred by the “coffee rust” disease which has been spreading all over the world. Hemileia vastatrix or coffee rust causes infection to coffee leaves, that would lead to a spiralling decline in coffee production. NOOOOOO!

NY Times

I think it’s time we own up for our follies and take responsibility of maintaining ecological balance; lest we want to leave behind a disgruntled generation that wouldn’t be able to enjoy the ritual of getting drunk in the hope of being soothed by hangover-curing coffee.