Relationships are time-consuming, often exhausting, and don’t always end in a happily ever after. That’s why I’ve decided I am in a relation-‘chip’ aka in a relationship with chips. 

And in this relation-chip, I have many lovers, but the top spot goes to Blue Lays aka India’s Magic Masala flavour of Lay’s potato chips. 

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First of all, let’s make it clear. Yes, there are other Lay’s flavours that also come in different shades of blue coloured packets, but when we talk about ‘Blue Lay’s’ we talk about Magic Masala. 


Now that we’ve got that little detail covered, let me tell you why India’s Magic Masala has done what no Indian man (or even foreigners, for that matter) could do – made me believe in love. 


*Trust me, this is worth the cheesy descriptions. Just keep reading*

Magic Masala is the perfect blend of flavours. It’s spicy, but not fiery hot so I am not rushing to guzzle a bottle of water after every bite. 


But it’s also not so mild in flavour that I am dependent on different dips, just so I may taste something other than salt. 

*Why waste money on plain salted, when you can just boil some potatoes and sprinkle salt on it?*

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And most importantly, it has the kind of flavours that remind you of homemade food… and do not leave a sour taste in your mouth. (Yes, here’s looking at you, sour cream and onion!)


The mix of spices that Lay’s provides in Magic Masala may be crafted in a lab, but the joy it provides is felt in the heart… and in the belly, because really, you can’t stop at just one. 


Also, peanuts are great, but ultimately, chips make for the ultimate chakhna. And whether it’s a G&T with a lime twist, a shot of tequila, a Scotch on the rocks, chilled beer, or even wine, Magic Masala fits right in. 


In fact, let me just wine and chips > wine and cheese. 

Over the years Lay’s has come up with different flavours, and like a true chips connoisseur, I’ve sampled almost all of them, that are available in India, of course. 


And IMO, Spanish Tomato Tango is too sweet, Chile Limón is only tangy, and what the hell is even is happening with the Barbeque? 

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But that’s just my tastebuds and you’re welcome to taste and love all of them. 

For me though, my one true love when it comes to Lay’s chips will remain India’s Magic Masala. If that’s not being patriotic, what is?