A gibberish tweet composed of random letters was posted, and Twitterati went berserk thinking that Swiggy’s Twitter handle had fallen into the wrong hands. The foodie in all of us was growling loud and hard! 

Food is love and we can all nod in consent to that. No trash talk, please 

This did not go down well with twitterati and their responses were hilarious!

Ummmm…only President Trump could’ve answered that….

Joey LOVES food and no messing up with that. Ummmhmmmm….noted!

But, But, But….My Favourite From The Lot Is This One!

Attention foodies and grammar nazis, the suspense is OVER and we can rejoice to that. It wasn’t a typo or an intern’s ploy or a drunken mystery – it was actually the voice of hunger that was growling! 

Still puzzled? Worry not, just take a quick look at the video below and you will get the drift.