No fancy decor, no modern furniture, no impressive cutlery, still, we never question the authenticity of food at these tiny places on highways, called, dhaba.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that stopping by a dhaba to relish mouth-watering food is one of the best parts of any road trip. These food joints not only feed out hungry stomachs when we have nothing else around, but also give us a soul-satisfying experience.


High-end hotels and restaurants are amazing, they offer excellent hospitality and ambience, but when it comes to finger-licking food, nothing can beat the dhabe ka khana.

From cleanliness to decor, these hotels may win over several aspects, but it’s the food at dhabas that know the way to our hearts. It’s the food served by them that makes us go crazy every time.

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Sitting on the bamboo khatiya and watching trucks stopping by has its own charm. Moreover, it’s an experience filled with adventures and an opportunity to make lifetime memories.

We may enjoy clicking aesthetic pictures in 5-star hotels, but it’s the charpayi or cots at these roadside dhabas that gives us a sense of fulfillment. They even make for a romantic date night spot, like literally taaron ki chaanv mein.


There’s no better experience than eating paranthas dipped in butter, while you finish that huge glass of lassi, or feasting on sarson da saag and makke di roti, while you enjoy lots and lots of salad and green chillis.


Eating desi food in desi style is an exceptional feeling that can only be enjoyed and cherished at the traditional and authentic dhabas on the roadside.

Their simple yet delicious menu makes us want to visit these spaces every now and then. Moreover, they do not even burn a hole in your pockets.


I remember rushing to the highway food joints during college so many times at midnight. It was like a therapy we all needed. It used to refresh our minds and served us home-style food.


You may call dhabas stopovers for travellers, but haven’t they turned into some of the most popular destinations we crave to go to?

Haven’t they turned into our favourite gossip spots?

Haven’t they turned into our comfort zones?