Bournvita is that one thing that has remained constant throughout our lives.


While they say that Bournvita is supposed to be mixed with milk, little joys of life lie in eating it directly from the jar. And most of you will agree with me on this.


Itni daant aur maar khaayi hai na iss chakkar mein. I remember my mom finding new places to hide the jar of Bournvita from me.

It felt like a mission to enter the kitchen and successfully eat several spoonfuls of Bournvita without getting caught by your mother.

For me, sneaking into the kitchen to eat Bournvita is still so much fun. 

Moreover, it’s addictive to another level. Once you eat a spoonful of it, I bet you can’t stop without having more.

To someone who hates milk, it feels like Bournvita was always supposed to be eaten raw. I used to bribe my parents to give me Bournvita to eat if they made me drink milk.

It was and is still my go-to snack on so many occasions. Oh, and eating that hardened block of Bournvita is the best dessert ever. 

We legit get cravings to eat Bournvita powder. It’s more of an emotional therapy, a stress buster.

No matter how old we get and how mature we become, eating Bournvita will always be the same – joyful and satisfying.

A big cheers to all those days when Bournvita powder served as the sweetest escape from all the real world problems.

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