If you have a genuine appreciation for chocolate, scratch that, If you’re a regular person with taste buds, you’re certainly appreciative of Nutella.


And if you’re a loyal enough fan, Nutella’s parent company, Ferrero is rewarding you for just doing a little something for them — taste testing.

Yes. You heard that right!

Ferrero is in search of 60 volunteers from all over the world to be “sensory judges”. These volunteers will spend three months tasting chocolate, cacao, hazelnuts, and more ingredients that go into this magical chocolate elixir.


For this dream project, you don’t need any sort of degree or qualifications. All you need to have is a passionate love for Nutella, basic computer knowledge, and no food allergies.


Once chosen, the applicants will be housed in Alba, Italy amidst gorgeous landscapes and some of the best chocolates in the world. 

According to reports, the group of 60 will go through a three-month course, starting September, to hone their skills in taste and smell. For the entire course, participants will also get a stipend. All those who successfully pass the course will be rewarded with a part-time employment contract with the company.

To sign up, all you have to do is drop your CV on the email ID mentioned in the ad.

BRB. Got to got write my 10-page essay about Nutella love. Ahem. I mean, cover letter.