Despite having diverse cultures, food is what unites India. And every season has its own special food.

When it comes to the winter season, nothing can beat the popularity of gajak and chikki. Winter sun and a group of people gorging on the different variants of them is a common sight in India.

No matter what you call it, gajak or til koot, as soon as winter creeps in, we start seeing a lot of vendors selling these little packets of sweetness and happiness. The aroma of jaggery, sesame and peanuts make us want to stop and gorge on these delicacies.

It’s like an official declaration of the winter season.


Apparently, gajak is that sweet dish jo meethe mein count nahi hota hai. I mean the unhealthy type of meetha. So one can have as much of it as they want.

All our diet plans never see the face of the day because of these snacks cum desserts. And we keep on delaying them citing the goodness of gajak. Trust me all those granola bars are nothing in front of them and the instant energy they give is just awsome.


Made from sesame seeds and gud, these winter delights not only keep you warm but also healthy. You can snack on them anytime without worrying about gaining those extra calories.

You can snack on them anytime without worrying about gaining those extra calories.


As a child I remember sneaking these tiny and shiny chikki to school and finishing the entire batch without mom’s knowledge.

Devouring chikki consisting of almonds, dates, sesame and cashews is such a treat, both to the body and soul.


They also mark the celebration of festivities, be it Lohri or Makar Sakranti. Bonfires with gajak and rewri to relish on are a way of living for many in winters.


One can store them for months without worrying about them getting spoiled.

Because of their extreme popularity, chefs are nowadays experimenting with the conventional ingredients of chikkis to customise them as per our nutrition needs. They are available in so many different shapes and forms that you never get bored of eating them.


For a north Indian, winters are not complete without gajak and chikki. Crunchy, crispy, healthy and sweet, they are the right kind of snacks we all crave for.