Some things never change.

Like the feel of his hand in mine.

Like the warmth of the morning sun.

Like the refreshing power of a glass of chilled lassi on a hot summer day.


While there are several shakes and smoothies to choose from in summer, no drink comes even close to lassi.

Quite easy to prepare and all the more easy to gulp, lassi is known to almost every Indian. You just need curd, beat it up, add sugar or salt and mix well. Your fulfilling glass of lassi is ready.


Topped with a thick layer of malai and dry fruits, one cannot say no to lassi.

We can go on for several rounds of this desi beverage and still end up licking its last traces in the glass.


In fact, the joy of drinking this drink is doubled when it is served in kulhads – a traditional clay cup made in India.


The aroma of the kulhad, the sweetness of lassi and the richness of dry fruits is just unmatched.

If you’ve ever tried the iconic Punjabi lassi, you’d how fulfilling this drink is.

Served in long steel glasses and topped with a dollop of thick cream, it is just impossible to resist it. 


For all those kids who never liked milk, lassi has proven to be a nutritious and tasty alternative.

A saviour, indeed.


The best thing about lassi is that you can give it any flavour you want. From sweet and salty to mango and rose, it can take so many different forms.

Tbh, who even needs to add flavour to a drink that is amazing in its original form.


How can we not talk about the sleep it induces after a sumptuous meal? I can sleep for hours after having a chilled glass of sweet lassi on a summer afternoon.

It’s that nourishing cool drink that refreshes our mind and body. Each sip of lassi is like a blessing in disguise.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that there’s nothing in this world that a chilled glass of lassi cannot fix.

Feeling hot? Have a glass of chilled lassi.

Upset about something? Lassi can cheer you up.

Happy and want to celebrate? Lassi can make it all the more special.


From thelas and dhabas to high-end restaurants and every Indian household, lassi is literally everywhere.

It’s a drink, it’s an emotion, it’s pure happiness. Can we declare it our national drink?