With the winter snaking its cool tendrils around our toes ever faster, the one drink that seems to be coming back on everyone’s mind is the evergreen (or black) Old Monk. It feels almost refreshing to be able to finally throw away the cloak of summer sweat and indulge in a self-induced sugar frenzy courtesy some sweet rum and cokes. 

Contrary to what you believed however, the Monk wears many faces, and one of them happens to be plastered on a beer bottle. 

“What the what!? Nah fam, no way!” 

Yes way. Old Monk 10000 is a legit beer that actually exists and is apparently sold only in Goa. It’s brewed by Mohan Mohan Meakin Breweries and has an alcohol volume of 8%. Before you drunken fools start scrambling to get your gullets on some of this mystical brew however, you should know, that sadly enough, it’s not exactly very well liked by the people over at RateBeer.

Those reviews might seem fancy and well researched and shit, but fuck that. If you find one of these bottles, let me know, or better yet, invite me over for a ‘tasting’ sesh. I’ll bring the chakna.