What else can we call it? The one Indian street food that has people gather in throngs, wait incessantly, and sometimes even end up in a brawl over who goes first. No matter what the hardship, there’s nothing that comes’s between paani-puri and a dedicated fan. Which is why it seems to be an answer to so many prayers, that there’s a place that sells paani-puri ice cream. 


You heard us! On its day of inauguration, Papa Cream, an ice cream parlour in Mumbai, introduced people to a unique but one of the most loved flavours of the country – pani-puri. The tangy in the snack blends with the sweetness of the ice cream in a way that no flavour of pani-puri is lost.


According to DNA, potato mousse is used in canapes to replace the filling, and the spicy water is stored in nitrogen – bringing down preparation time to five minutes once the order’s placed. The founder of the place, Tanvi Choudhary says,

Mumbai is famous for its street food. We wanted to make something different with the flavour of street food but can be served like an ice cream to our customers. We are getting good response too. Many people demand the paani-puri ice cream after looking at the menu.

Yet another wonder ware they have is the Jumbo Doughwich. This appears to be a burger but is a combination of chocolate ice cream, oreo biscuits, and chocolate sauce – all stuffed into a doughnut. That, dear friends, stands apart as the most delectable description there is, but the image is just as promising.

We’re guessing it’s high time we take a short trip to Mumbai, yeah?