You know what they say about wellness and beauty products we’re using these days: always, always read the ingredient list. Because you never know what you’re consuming. A recent example of this would be Divya Dant Manjan, a product sold by Patanjali Ayurveda, that’s currently under fire for claiming to be a vegetarian product, while having cuttlefish bones as one of its ingredients.

Patanjali, Cuttlefish

A Delhi based law firm has sent Patanjali Ayurved a notice about how the product has a symbol indicating that the product is vegetarian, but it has Samudra Fen as one of its ingredients. And, selling it as a vegetarian product is a violation of consumer rights.

Samudra Fen goes by the scientific name of Sepia Officinalis, and it is used as an exfoliating agent in dental care products. The legal notice, which has been sent by BLJ Law Firm and undersigned by Sasha Jain, has asked the company for clarity within 15 days, they’ve also pointed out that people have blind faith in Patanjali Ayurveda and its products, they expect a level of quality from them, but unfortunately they’ve let their consumers down.

Here’s how some people on the internet have responded.

Where’s the transparency?