Eating fruits surely takes less time than peeling and cutting them. And you will agree that it gets annoying at times. We have found some super-easy hacks to cut fruits to avoid getting that watermelon juice all over your face and wasting those juicy pomegranate seeds. And it’s shocking that most of us didn’t even know about these before.

Let the learning begin:

1. Kiwi

Who knew? MasterChef, here I come!

2. Pomegranate

Is that for real?


3. Watermelon



4. Mango

You didn’t see that, you didn’t… oh yes, you did.

5. Banana

It’s from the bottom and not from the top. You see!

6. Strawberries

Don’t get this one wrong, you filthy head.


7. Lemon

Somebody pinch me because I can’t believe my eyes.


8. Orange

Anyway, what are unripened oranges called? Greens?

Easy, right?