Now, who doesn’t like a good dessert? I mean, go online and there are delicacies in this department that none of us has even heard the names of. That’s something, right?


Look around you. The next person you see probably loves chocolate than they love you. Okay, maybe not chocolate, maybe a nice little jar of Banoffee Pie or a slice of a delicious cheesecake? Dealer’s choice!


I am gonna get to the point before you open another tab and hang me out to dry for Zomato!

I love Indian desserts. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate is great, but after a nice meal, I like me some Gaajar ka Halwa


Nothing comes close to Indian sweets. 

Think of any delicious dessert with an even more tempting name and I will still choose a rasogulla over it. Maybe, I have been seasoned to love Indian desserts more, I don’t know. But sometimes I just feel like, even if I hadn’t been born here, I could still be craving some soan papdi come Diwali. 

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FYI, there are millions like me, who would keep that plate of apple pie aside to steal the Malpua our mothers have been trying to hide from us, because they were supposed to be for the guests but we are gluttonous and we like it. 


See, Indian desserts are nice. They are simple. They smell really good and they taste even better. Hell, they are so filling, you don’t even need to have lunch. Just eat the damn thing. You won’t be going hungry for a couple of days!

As kids, sweets meant memories and festivals and celebrations. Who doesn’t want all that back? 

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Also, how can you ever want anything better than a good jalebi? 


Look, we are a massive country, where the language apparently changes every 5 km or so. Which means, culture changes and so do the sweets. Every region in the country has such a plethora of sweets that one can never explore all of them in one lifetime. 

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I mean, all the times Odias and Bengalis fought over rasgulla was so dumb. Both the states that an abundance of sweets; sweets that are just better. Nobody cares who made it. Just eat the damn thing. It melts in your mouth for God’s sake!


Some people might argue that Indian sweets are messy and they take a lot of time to cook.  


Yeah well, all great things take time. What do you think happened? An apple fell on Einstein Newton’s head and he started writing about the laws of gravity right away! NO! 

He was British. He had tea first. 


About the messy part, yeah it is a bit messy. Every good thing in the world is messy. Besides, the best part about Indian sweets is the memory of it being made at home. 

So what does it matter if I have a bit of chhaach on my face while I am eating a jalebi? I mean, ideally, I wouldn’t want it, but at that moment, when that jalebi touches my taste buds, I couldn’t give less of a shit about chhaach on my face. 


Also, Indian sweets aren’t always that messy. Think of Payasam. It’s basically rice, ghee and some nuts and it is almost always cooked at home. And it is beautiful. 

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I could literally argue this till kingdom come. Your crêpes are fine, bro. I just happen to like gulab jamuns a lot better. 


The truth is, us Indians, we are a sweet eating culture. We have a vast multi-cultural system with an insane amount of delicacies. And perhaps, someday, I will be writing about them after having completed that journey.