Think cupcakes, think indulgent, lazy winter afternoons sprawled on the sofa with hot aromatic coffee and rich chocolatey cupcakes. Brings back memories doesn’t it?


Everyone is partial to cupcakes. This one, for example, gets us salivating just looking at it. Imagine biting into that perfect, creamy, red velvet cupcake. *sigh*


Now imagine a pus-oozing pimple. 

Sorry to kill your buzz, but hey there’s a new kind of cupcake which looks like a pus-oozing pimple which you can pop. 


This cupcake is for those who feel an odd sort of satisfaction popping pimples.

Blessed By Baking has come up with this pimple-popping cupcake inspired by a dermatologist, Dr. Pimple Popper who clearly has a weird obsession with popping pimples. The yellowish pus which you can squeeze out of the cupcake is actually yummy custard or lemon curd which you will enjoy, if you have survived the popping process without barfing all over the place. 

You can watch a video of the pimple-popping cupcakes here:

Please don’t hate me. Okay bye.

h/t – dangerousminds