How can you ever go wrong with biryani? Unless of course, it’s vegetarian. But apart from that, biryani is the most perfect dish mankind has ever had and tampering with any of its ingredients is sheer blasphemy. 


If you thought that an accidental elaichi was the worst thing to happen to you while eating biryani, we have sad news for you. This eatery in Pune has imagined the worst thing you could do to biryani and turned it into a reality – Pasta Biryani with Oregano Raita! Yes, you read that right. Why would anyone in their right minds ruin two completely perfect dishes and produce this horrendous combination? I can’t even begin to think what oregano raita even means.

As expected, Twitter lost their shit over it and here are some of the best reactions:

Our thoughts exactly!

Said it like a true biryani lover:

He must be smoking something good.

We too are seeking an answer.

Disgrace. That’s exactly what this is.

Sums it up just about right.

What are your thoughts on this ‘innovation’?