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Take This Quiz & We'll Tell You If You Have Some Seriously Weird Food Choices

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If we have control over something in our lives, it's the food we eat. Ever since their existence, humans have been experimenting with food. And during the process, they have come up with some delicious food combinations.

On the flip side, they have also created some weird ones. Let's judge you based on the food choices you keep.

Check everything you relate to from the list below and we'll tell you how weird are your food choices.

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You love eating Parle-G with water.

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People eating ketchup with pizza don't annoy you.

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You are open to try gulab jamun ki sabzi.

via abstar news

You don't think broccoli samosas are an insult to samosa.

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You think Kiwi on pizza would be delicious.

via ndtv

You willingly tried the new dosa masala burger at McDonald's.

via News18

You already know about gulab jamun vada pav being a thing.

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Hearing about sweet maggi doesn't ruin maggi for you.

You don't understand people who find eating bread with bhujia wierd. 

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You won't mind if someone puts ketchup while eating biryani with you.

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You would want to taste fries with vanilla ice cream.

via curly tales

Forget butter chicken, you'd love to see how chicken is cooked in nutella.

via traveleering

If not for muesli, you'd willingly have popcorn with milk and honey for breakfast.

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You regret not trying oreo dipped in orange juice.

via cookpad

You fall for a person who treats you to coffee lemonade on a date.

via Indian Express

Eating biscuit with tea is way too mainstream. You love the person who introduced you to chicken tikka with tea.

via Indian Express

When you are in a mood to eat something sweet and spicy you'd try this green chilli ice cream.

via Indian Express

Gulab jamun pizza will serve as a dessert for you.

via Indian Express

While you cringe on veg biryani, you are totally with people who would put nutella on biryani.

via HT

You do not feel uneasy seeing oreo bhajiyas.



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