There are two types of people in this world, one who bite into their samosas from the top into the aloo-filled center and the others who just simply break the crust and hope that someone else eats the aloo.  


As somebody who belongs to the latter group, I’m just going to put an unpopular yet a very universal feeling out there, I only eat samosas for their crusty outer cover.


Like croissants and all are great, but raise your hand if you have ever ordered a samosa only to eat its crispy crust and ditch the soggy aloo inside?  


Come on you’ll be lying to yourself if you say no. I’m sure you must have been tempted by the sinful flaky crust of the samosa once if not more. 

Like even a thin crust pizza’s crust has got nothing on a samosa’s hard-shell papdi. Fight me. 


Now I know, aloo lovers will majorly hate us crust lovers but deep down even they know that without the crunchy crust, their samosa is just a very sad-looking, mushy aloo ki sabzi.  

As a self-proclaimed potato, I love aloo but I don’t know why people don’t understand that the sloppy aloo stuffing actually has a tendency to make the samosa crust soggy. 


Like if you want to have aloo with something moderately crispy so bad, just grab a plate of aloo-puri along with some green and red chutney. 


You know how there’s always this one person in a group who says that they don’t like samosas but are the first ones to detach the crispy papdi off of your samosa and take a bite? Yeah, hold on to those friends because they have great taste. 


The truth is you can’t blame your friends for sneakily stealing your crust because there are no options for getting a samosa without aloo. Like what are people who love the papdi of the samosa supposed to do? 

Believe it or not, there are people out there who like the samosa’s filling much more than the crust. My criteria for hunting a soulmate will be to find someone who can finish the aloo I leave behind after eating the samosa’s crust.