Fancy restaurants and creative plating go hand in hand. I mean, it’s a given that if you visit a fine-dining place, you’ll not be served in the regular ghar ki thali that you’re used to. 

But taking this up a notch are these restaurants that have served food in just about everything other than PLATES. 

From flowerpots to paint palettes, we legit found a Reddit thread where people shared some of the weirdest things they have been served food in.

1. Is this what it feels like to have a ‘silver spoon?’ 

u/kooshetty/ Reddit

2. This seems interesting but it’ll just be sad if things topple. 

u/AgentSkidMarks/ Reddit

3. I’d be sh*t scared of poking myself with one of these. 

u/createdamadman/ Reddit

4. Ummm, I really want to understand the point of this but I just can’t. 

u/unicornographyy/ Reddit

5. Okay, is this a conspiracy to control portion size? Because in my opinion, this is just too small. 

u/sweatymurphy/ Reddit

6. Bhai, dedo plate yaar, nahi chaiye hume creative plating, pls. 

u/pickledpetunia/ Reddit

7. I mean, it does the work but it’s not the same as eating on a plate. 

u/snedersnap/ Reddit

8. Is it just me or does it look like an episode of Dexter in here? 

u/theguythatdiditall/ Unsplash

9. So, this is a pea soup in a bread which is served on a bed of moss. I think they are not aware of how a bowl works. 

u/GremlinsAteMyNose/ Reddit


ninja22002/ Reddit

11. This is actually very aesthetic, hain na?

u/MobsterKadyrov/ Reddit

12. Petition to get a separate chair for my food as well

u/createdamadman/ Reddit

13. Took me 3 seconds to realise what exactly this is. 


14. I don’t even know what to say at this point. 

u/ToyScoutNessie/ Reddit

15. Is this made by an intern? 

u/D41109/ Reddit

16. I don’t know about you but I won’t be able to resist flipping the shovel. 

u/GeniuzGames/ Reddit

17. 100 points for minimum effort. 

u/amaquinadeuoberro/ Reddit

18. The highlight of this plating is that one leaf hanging tightly for its life. 

u/jaxila/ Reddit

19. Ew no, please take it back. 

u/Argovia/ Reddit

20. This is what happens when you cook while you’re hungover. 

u/Vastylez/ Reddit

21. There is a poop theme cafe in Canada where they serve everything poop style. 

The Indian Express
Poop Cafe/Facebook/ The Indian Express

We don’t ask for much. Just serve us our food on normal plates and we’ll be happy. PLEASE.