I love the rainy season.

For the weather.

For the long drives.

For garma garam pakoras.

And for the GHEVAR.


Those who do not know what ghevar is, are missing out on some delicious and orgasmic food experience.

On a serious note, I’ll tell you what it is.

Originally, a Rajasthani cuisine sweet, ghevar is basically ghee-fried disc, made of maida and prepared exclusively in monsoon.

And then it becomes whatever you make of it.

You soak it in sugar syrup and the sweet version of ghevar is ready.

You coat the sugar-soaked ghevar with malai or rabdi and the rabdi ghevar is ready.

I wait for the monsoon season every year like I wait for my salary at the end of every month so that I can just eat lots and lots of ghevar. Yes, the rains feel incomplete without relishing the ghevar.

While some people prefer to eat the non-sweet version of it with kheer, others love to gorge on the rabdi-coated and sugar-soaked variant.

Soft and warm or crisp and cold, choose any and you are bound to fall in love with it.

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Trust me, it is so fulfilling and yummy that it feels like heaven.

Like just look at this beauty, it has to be the best dessert ever and sorry you cannot change my mind.


Also this:

Ghevar has traditionally been associated with festivals like Teej and Rakshabandhan, both of which occur in monsoon.

Add its North Indian traditional connect to the beauty and taste and you’ll see people going crazy over ghevars.

Making ghevar is also an art. It takes a lot of effort to craft this piece of sweetness.


Ghevar is definitely the most celebrated sweet dish of the season and people travel to Rajasthan especially to devour this sweet delicacy because it is prepared only for around a month or two.

It’s indeed that one sweet dish I can have anytime and any number of times.

A special thanks to rabdi ghevar that helped me write this while I kept stuffing it in my mouth all along.

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