Coronavirus Cases are increasing day by day. According to the media reports, affected cases in India can reach the 10,000 thousand mark in the next few weeks.

We know that the situation is scary, but everyone needs to go out from time to time to get essentials.  

01. Minimise shopping or Choose a less busy time 

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Dont go for a walk to the store just because you are bored from staying in. Choosing a less busy time especially in these times is a tough one. But if you know where your nearest store is, go there early in the morning so that it’s less crowded.   

02. Masks are not recommended for everyone but if you have one, wear it. 


WHO officials do not recommend masks for healthy people of the population. Although, they are a must for those who are infected or who are in close contact with the infected.

If you have one, wear it but we advise you to save the N95 and surgical masks for the medical professionals.

03. Be cautious if you are wearing Latex Gloves 


They are not meant for rough use as they get easily ripped. If you are wearing latex gloves, avoid touching your face. Also, avoid touching your skin while removing them. 

04. Using sanitizer is advisable over wearing gloves 

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Don’t freak out if you don’t have a pair of Latex gloves, use sanitizer. These days, almost every store is keeping them. If you are still paranoid, use plastic gloves to handle things. 

05. Wipe the shopping cart with antiseptic wipes before touching it with bare hands 


You can find these wipes at the medical or general store. It’s best if you can carry your own grocery bag.  

06. When you are in the store, touch as few things as possible 

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You can’t be in the store and not touch things. But remember to reduce it to a bare minimum. Go prepared with a list of things you need and only pick up those. 

07. Dont use your phone till checkout. 

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You phone can be a breeding pit for the virus. Avoid using it while you are getting groceries. Using Paying Apps is advisable.  

08. Do not forget social distancing 


While you are at the grocery store do not forget social distancing. Stay at least 6 feet (or 1 metre) apart from other shoppers. 

09. What about the clothes when you get back home? 

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According to this report, fabrics are not a major source of transmission. But if changing clothes makes you feel better, do it. 

10. Can’t stress this enough but wash your hands! 

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Wash your hands before you unpack the things. Here’s how to do it the right way: 

11. Unpacking Groceries 


A lot of viral videos with a lot of information are being circulated online. As per this report, wiping clean every single packed container is unnecessary, but groceries must not be left in the veranda.

Washing hands thoroughly before opening any container is advised. Soap kills the virus, remember that.  

12. Handling raw items. 

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Rinse all the fruits and vegetables before storing them in the refrigerator. Do not wash them with soap, running cold water will do the job. 

Last but not the least, unless absolutely necessary, stay at home.