Samosa (noun)

Meaning: a triangular savoury pastry fried in ghee or oil, containing spiced vegetables or meat.

Samosa is one of life’s simple joys. Stuffed between some severely deep-fried dough and served with sweet and sour chutney, you can’t stop at one bite. Special occasions are incomplete without samosas being served to our mehmaans, who then compliment us for the delicious treat.


Eating too many samosas might kill me but that’s the death I want.


You were young, and Samosa was too hot for you to handle back then. But you had tasted love. One bite, and you just knew that you and Samosa were meant for each other.

The Hindu

Many t-shirts, bed-sheets and pants have borne the greasy marks of your relationship. You flaunt your stains with pride.

Bold Sky

Earlier, I had told you guys about how veg-biryani is not really biryani and how veg-momos are the biggest trick that the devil ever pulled on us. I have often been accused of hating anything vegetarian by readers in the comment section, but that’s not the case. I don’t hate vegetarian food at all. In fact, I enjoy the occasional vegetarian delicacies. 

What I don’t like though is when people try and mess with things that were perfectly fine originally; only to make a ‘different’ version of it. 


Some things in the world are supposed to be left the way they are. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Potato fillings in samosas were perfect. It was going great until some random guys decided to use all their innovation and prepare different kinds of samosa fillings.

Who the fuck puts macaroni inside samosas, guys? Banana kya chahte the aap?


Many a diet has failed over these love-filled triangles and you guys decide to mess with that one thing that binds the country together. Seriously?

Samosa is spicy, hot and always available. What’s not to love? People call it oily and unhealthy; but haters gonna hate, right? You don’t pay attention to such things. In fact, you can’t even trust a person who doesn’t like eating samosas.


Fusion food has immense potential. There are times when it is brilliant but then there are times when it’s nothing short of blasphemy. Let’s stop this atyachaar on foodies and not put anything but aloo in samosas now. Let this be a reminder of our true roots and we shall take pride in it.

Never let people take away our favourite snack just because they want to create a new brand of ‘fusion’ food or because they have too much innovation left inside of them. There is a time and place for this innovation and it’s not with samosas.