All the desis in the house, please unite to gloat.

After datun, yoga, use of charcoal for pulling out dirt, the world has once again discovered something, which us desis are already big on. 

But iss baar firangiyon ki daal nahi galne wali thi, as they tried to claim what we have been even singing songs about.

A report, according to AFP News, suggests that lentils with a side of rice is the diet that will save the world from global food crisis.

Batao, who knew our diet has been saving the world all this while? 

Istock Photo

According to the report, in order to reduce the global burden of feeding three billion people on Earth, the dining table in 2050 should look something like this – ‘porridge for breakfast, rice for lunch, a dinner of lentils and vegetables, and a single hamburger every few weeks, as a treat.’


Guys, please stop flirting with daal chawal. It has been our bae for centuries now.

Kaali daal aur chawal with makkhan is our staple happy food. Please, isko nazar na lagaye.

Indians on the internet are already claiming what’s rightfully theirs amidst this khichdi

Now that you know daal chawal are trademarked India, go ahead. We desis, approve.

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