Don’t we all picture a samosa in our heads as soon as someone talks about a snack? It is safe to say that this sasta, sundar and tikaau snack is loved by everyone (you are weird if you only eat the crispy outer crust).

Imagine this, one day you get yourself a plate of piping hot samosas and see numbers engraved in it? Well, a man just saw the same and decided to share it with the world.

Nitin Misra, who goes with the handle @nitinmisra, ordered some of the hot and crispy stuffed pastry when he noticed something unusual on his snack’s crust. It was an engraved stamp with some serial numbers.

However, some netizens informed him that few brands are already putting serial numbers on samosas to mark the different varieties of the snack.

Needless to say, his tweet garnered a lot of attention from desi netizens. 

Samosa supremacy!