If you are one to happily say ‘bring it on’ when people challenge you to eat hot and spicy food, you know you have a love for all things spicy. The hot burning mouth, the teary eyes and the sweaty forehead might scare others, but not you. 

So take a break from delving into the momo’s chutney to satiate your greed for spice. Instead, take a tour of the countries serving the world’s spiciest best:

1. Suicide Chicken Wings

Isn’t this self-explanatory? Originating from the United States, this appetizer has a combo of fiery hot sauce, pepper flakes and is garnished with chopped chilies. Make sure you have plenty of water when you embark on this spicy mission.


2. Shrimp Creole

Another red-hot and spicy dish from the States, this one has loads of red and green peppers and majorly derives its numbing hot sensation from the fresh chili garnish and cayenne peppers. Want to give it a try, don’t you?


3. Vindaloo

Indian cuisine is globally popular for its spiciness and this dish from Goa can jolt the living daylights out of you because of its spice content. The ingredient used in its preparation is bhut jolokia, commonly known as ghost chilies or the hottest chili in the world. Need I say more?


4. Phaal curry

Crowned as the hottest curry in the world, this dish has a British-Asian background. This curry containing about ten types of chili peppers has been known to make people hallucinate. Can you handle that kind of heat?


5. Papa a la Huancaina

In easier terms, this is a potato salad whose mild appearance might deceive you. A Peru special dish, this contains boiled potatoes and eggs in addition to cold cheesy sauce made with hot Amarillo chilli and habanero. Burn guaranteed!


6. Cau-Cau

Another Peruvian dish popular for its variety of preparation with yellow chili pepper. This tripe stew is too hot to handle. Ready to take the heat!?

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7. Jerk Chicken

This freakishly hot dish comes from Jamaica and the credits for its spiciness goes to scotch bonnet peppers and other Caribbean spices. An apt dish to test your love for spicy food.


8. Sik Sik Wat

A rich and spicy Ethiopian stew, Sik Sik Wat is prepared using spicy paprika and allspice chilies. A sure shot heat-burn like the red pepper paste, this one can’t be missed if you are a spicy food lover.


9. Wat

Wat is another super-spicy dish from Ethiopia and is always featured as one of the spiciest foods ever. Bombarded with lots and lots of dried chilies and spice mix, you will be reaching for water after every bite of this one.


10. Tom Yum

A staple from Thailand, this spicy-sour soup is bound to leave you crying with a major burn in your mouth. Prepared using some of the hottest chilies, this one is a must try for that sought after spicy food experience.


11. Neua Pad Prik

Another one from Thailand, this dish is actually stir-fried in some of the hottest peppers. The dominating chili ginger paste is known to add the scorching heat in this one. 


12. Sichuan Hot Pot

A craving for spicy food usually leads us Indians to Chinese cuisine, doesn’t it? Next time you have one, try this iconic hot Chinese dish that will satiate all your hunger for spice.

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13. Lo Bok with Sichuan Peppercorns 

What do you expect from a Chinese salad? Yes, it’s high on spice with its Bird’s Eye Chili ingredient. This will definitely give you a long lasting impression for its tongue burning spice content.


14. Huo Guo

Again from the Chinese cuisine, this dish gets its burning abilities from the Sichuan pepper oil. Cooked with tofu and meat, this dish is one of the best richly flavored hot and spicy foods.


15. Kimchi Jjigae

This Korean stew is simmered slowly till it turns extremely spicy by immersing it in hot chilies. A dish that will give you a sure shot burn in every spoonful. Are you daring enough to check this one out?

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16. Suicide Burrito

Another suicide food on the list, this one from Korea is made with an exploding mix of Korean, Chinese and Mexican peppers. 


17. Sambal Oelek

A garden-variety in Indonesia, Sambal Oelek is prepared by using a variety of hot peppers like habanero, cayenne and bird’s eye chilies, along with Spanish peppers. Be wise while choosing this one!

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18. Otak-Otak

This spicy dish’s history is marked with Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Served on grilled or steamed banana leaf, it’s a fish cake flavored with the spiciest dried chilies. This dish reeks of all kinds of spicy!


Dare to dig in?