Caution: Drinking is injurious to health. Please use moderation. Here's the legal drinking age in different parts of India.

India has a long legacy of super strong beer. Sure, nowadays the market might be getting a little crowded with all the crafts and IPAs popping up, but back in the day, you drank a couple of nuclear brews and got up to no good. Here's a few of the strongest beers in the country - good luck!

1. Godfather - 8% ABV

Anyone who's tried this notorious nectar will have at least one funny story about how drunk they got. This lager was established in 1961, and is made 'using the best malts available in India and quality German bitter and aromatic hops', according to their website.

Source: Zee News

2. Bad Monkey - 8% ABV

With a solid 8% ABV and a packaging that's sure to catch your eye, Bad Monkey is pretty unique in the strong beer department. It's got a flavour profile that's not too bitter and easy on the palate.

Source: SodaMonk

3. BroCode - 15% ABV

With a massive 15% alcohol content, this drink is less of a relaxing beer and more of a drunken disaster waiting to happen. A few bottles of this beverage and you'll be zonked, so go easy. Just look at what happened to these poor souls when they drank more than they could chew.

Source: So City

4. Kingfisher Strong - 8% ABV

The OG - it's mildly bitter, has a sweetish aftertaste, and is a flavour pretty much every drinking Indian recognises. There's not much else to say beyond that! 

Source: UB

5. Haywards 10000 - 8% ABV

This full-bodied brew claims to have a 8% alcohol by volume, and most people look upon it nostalgically as one of the last few alcohol ads you saw before they were banned. If you want to get drunk with the boys/girls, this one's got you covered.

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6. Carlsberg Elephant - 7% ABV

This amber beverage with faint notes of honey is another giant of the beer jungle, and not just due to its name. With an alcohol content of over 7%, it's definitely got a kick to it.

Source: Carlsberg

7. Simba Strong - 8% ABV

In a bright red bottle with an unmistakable monkey on the label, this brew is hard to miss. Simba has been a more recent addition to the brood of beers in the country, and if you're in the mood for a different flavour, give it a try. 

Source: Simba

8. Budweiser Magnum - 6.5% ABV

The light version of this legendary beer is well-loved for its smooth flavour and crisp texture. The strong variant still holds on to some of those plus-points, not to mention you'll get a nice buzz while at it.

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9. Knock Out - 8% ABV

Some of the more wizened readers among you might remember a time when the counters were stocked to the brim with this beer. It's a beer that's true to its name, and best enjoyed in a smoky bar with an old-world charm.

Source: Behance

10. Bira 91 Boom - 7% ABV

Very hoppy and not too bitter, this beer was launched as a direct competitor to other strong brands that are prevalent in the country. It doesn't use sugar in the conversion process, which is a big plus.

Source: Whats Hot

11. Kalyani Black Label - 8% ABV

The old guard will swear by this trusty brew, which promises a smooth finish accompanied by a hefty buzz. While it's gotten harder and harder to find in the market, it's still looked at fondly by those who enjoyed it.

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