In every nightclub, on a typical Saturday night, there are many kinds of people. While some are looking to get over yet another week of work woes, others are nursing a heartbreak. Some are out with friends, trying to make conversations amidst all the noise while others are out on a date. There are also those who’re out just because it is ‘Saturday Night’ and if they don’t put up a photo on Instagram, they’re socially doomed. 

But have you ever wondered exactly what they’re getting out of the night apart from a massive bill thanks to all the shots they downed? They’re just getting drunk. Nothing more, nothing less. Work woes won’t go away with a night of partying. And neither will you really ‘catch up’ with anyone thanks to the loud music overpowering every conversation. As for the #SaturdayNightSelfie, with the bad lighting in most places, best of luck with that! 

When you’ve arrived in the later half of your 20s, you meet a lot of new people. But first and foremost, you meet a hangover. Partying like there’s no tomorrow may have been your thing but after a point, you just can’t do it anymore. I mean, how many times will you Google ‘best ways to cure a hangover’, right? What you need is a relaxed evening that leads to a fabulous morning instead.  

If Saturday night is Christian Grey, Sunday after is Mr Grey minus the whips and chains. Or with it, if that’s what you like. No matter how many Saturday nights you enjoy, after a point, it’s the Sunday after that matters! 

What truly makes a Saturday night is the prospect of an exciting Sunday brunch. 


By definition, brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning. I’d say, combination or not, it’s the only thing worth looking forward to, every single weekend. Move over Saturday night partying, let’s bring Sunday brunch back in vogue!

Unlike the rushed energy of an evening out, for brunch, you’re relaxed and refreshed. Because you weren’t partying till late, you’ve slept well and have all the energy to take on the day. No hangover, no fatigue. Bright smiles and lots of sunshine instead.

There’s a table set-up with food. And by food, I don’t mean the usual eggs and toast or aaloo ka parantha. There’s that too but there’s so much more. Syrup-soaked pancakes, cheese croissants, waffles with maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream, Spanish omelettes, baked beans, bacon, chicken sausages and lots and lots of bread. Are you getting the picture yet? Only this time, you’re eating not because you are drunk but because you’re enjoying your food, relishing every single bite. 

Eat Out

Not to forget the alcohol. Wine, both red and white. Champagne, or a Bellini rather. Mimosas and more. Considering you’ll start early afternoon, you’ve got all the time in the day to savour each drink, and have lots and lots of ’em. No worrying about last orders or hailing a cab after lights out. 

And let me not get started on the fashion. While Saturday evenings border on a-little-too-much glitter and shine, brunches are all about keeping it subtle. Think white linen, crisp cotton and breezy layers. Everything chic yet all things comfortable.  

For everyone heading out tonight, hope you can handle the groggy morning after. As for me, I’d rather go to Sunday brunch. 

There’s much to chatter and much to nibble and nothing is sexier than that!