Humanity's obsession with weird food is what started al this. And if we survive this, one of the lessons we should learn should be not to fuck with food. 

But apparently, we aren't very smart people. Hence, the Ramen pizza. 

Source: 9GAG

According to 9GAG, Taiwan Pizza Hut and Menya Musashi in Taiwan are collaborating to launch a ramen pizza

Source: 9GAG

This pizza features the key elements of Menya Musashi's famous ramen- noodles, cha shu (barbecue pork), bamboo shoots, soft-boiled egg, scallion and white sesame. The ramen pizza will be available in stores from 30 June. 

Source: 9GAG

Does it look appealing? Am I going to try it? 

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Do I still have questions? Also yes. 

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So let's see what the reactions are when it gets here.