A group of villagers in Tamil Nadu run a YouTube channel by the name Village Cooking Channel. They cook traditional food and other tasty recipes in a bid to share their love for food and entertain people. 


The channel is hosted by a family of farmer-chefs from Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu. It was started by Chinna Veeramangalam in April 2018 and features his grandchildren and a few other caterers.

Their signature dishes and style of cooking and shooting the videos in the outdoor settings makes them stand apart from other cooking channels. 

They source the ingredients locally and do not even use electronic gadgets or pressure cookers for cooking the meals.

The food is cooked in large vessels and is served to locals after videos are shot.

The Tamil channel has a huge fan following and recently crossed 10 million subscribers. Netizens are congratulating the channel contributors and showering a lot of praise for their work.

The group members apparently also donated ₹10 lakh towards COVID relief fund on 4th July. This is a great gesture and is winning them applause on the internet.

Kudos and congratulations to them. May they continue to entertain and guide people with their content.